Microsoft Announces Xbox Wireless Initiative For Windows 10 PC Gaming

If you love Xbox One games, but enjoy gaming on your PC, there is now a simpler solution. Microsoft just announced that the Lenovo IdeaCentre Y710 Cube is the first PC with fully integrated Xbox Wireless. This is the first device with such an integration built within the physical chassis, without the need for a USB dongle.

Will Tuttle, Xbox Wire Editor in Chief, remarked, “At Xbox we believe in playing the games you want, where you want, with the people you want. By expanding the Xbox Wireless ecosystem with new accessories and PCs such as the IdeaCentre Y710, gamers have more choice and more freedom to play anywhere.”


The Lenovo IdeaCentre Y710 Cube will be able to support all Xbox One accessories without the need for additional wires and adapters. Xbox Wireless will be able to provide low-latency and high-quality wireless gameplay for up to 8 devices at once. LAN parties anyone? The device will also provide wireless support for stereo sound through a headset.

Microsoft is planning on releasing several Xbox Wireless supported PCs and accessories such as headsets and joysticks. Its partners currently include Astro, HyperX, Lenovo, Mad Catz, PDP, Plantronics, Razer, SteelSeries, and Turtle Beach. Microsoft in collaboration with PDP just released the Rock Band Wireless Fender Jaguar Guitar Controller which can be found in the Rock Band Rivals Band Kit.

Xbox One or Xbox One S console already support Xbox Wireless. PC players who do not want to spend the money on a new device can simply purchase the the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows and plug it into a free USB port. As for the Lenovo IdeaCentre Y710 Cube, the device launches this October with a starting price of $1,299.