Microsoft Announces Kinect For Windows v2

The second version of Microsoft’s Kinect for Windows is nigh, and the company has shared images of the final hardware design.

There’s nothing too revolutionary here, but Microsoft has made the Kinect for Windows v2 to be slightly more inconspicuous by moving the “Kinect” label to the top of the device and swapped out the glowing “X” logo for a simpler, lower-profile indicator.

Kinect for Windows v2

Kinect for Windows v1
Above: Kinect for Windows v2; Below: The original

There’s a hub which accepts input from the sensor and the power brick and also has a USB 3.0 output to a PC, and of course there’s the power brick itself.

Kinect for Windows v2
Kinect for Windows v2 hub and power brick

Microsoft says to stay tuned, and that it’s getting closer to launching the next generation of Kinect for Windows.