Microsoft And Samsung Sign Vast Patent Cross-Licensing Deal

So, this is interesting. While Samsung and Apple are spending untold amounts of money on legal battles across the globe, Samsung has decided to not wage those same wars with another tech monolith: Microsoft. Microsoft has been on a warpath of late, tracking down companies (mostly who sell Android-based products) that touch Microsoft's patents in one way or another. This way, Microsoft rakes in royalties for products they don't even sell. It's a wild situation, truth be told, and it's a little insane to think that most every Android device sold benefits Microsoft in one way or another. Must be nice to be king.

At any rate, Samsung was in Microsoft's sights as well, and the two companies announced this week that they've signed a definitive cross-license agreement that covers the patent portfolios of both companies, providing broad coverage for each company’s products. Under the terms of the agreement, Microsoft will receive royalties for Samsung’s mobile phones and tablets running the Android mobile platform. In addition, the companies agreed to cooperate in the development and marketing of Windows Phone.

No financial details are being let loose, but it's a safe bet that Microsoft's winning big here. How long until Apple and Samsung settle? Something tells us it'll be a while.