Microsoft Already Warning Mainstream Support Of Windows 7 Ending In 2015

In a Microsoft post announcing a mostly uninteresting list of products and their respective dates for when Microsoft will terminate support for them is a notable standout: Windows 7.

Within the next six months, all versions of Windows 7 will enter the Extended Support phase, which lasts for 5 years and includes free security updates and paid hotfix support, but Mainstream Support for the popular OS will cease as of January 13, 2015. What that means in practice is that although you can rest easy knowing that Windows 7 will remain secure until 2020, it won’t be getting any new features.

Windows 7

This is standard procedure for Microsoft, and indeed the company spells out these policies fairly clearly in its FAQs.

Also in the queue for cessation of Mainstream Support is all versions of Windows Server 2008 and Windows Storage Server 2008 as well as Windows Phone 7.8.

Microsoft also announced its spate of Patch Tuesday announcements. There is a handful of them this time around, and among the most important is a cumulative security update for Internet Explorer that takes care of 24 vulnerabilities, including one that allows a remote code execution to send a user to a fake webpage via IE. If successful, the exploit could give the attacker access to admin rights on the user’s machine.