Microsoft Ain’t Playin’ Delivers Xbox One Consoles in Armored Trucks

Depending on where you live, you may have seen a fleet of green and black armored trucks with the Xbox One logo plastered on every side roll through town. Yes, the paint job drawing attention to these trucks reveals an obvious publicity stunt, but given the hype surrounding the Xbox One's launch today, it's probably not a bad idea to give these consoles a bit of extra protection en route to Best Buy and other retailers.

Speaking of which, Best Buy opened its doors at 12:01 AM last night for the Xbox One launch. I stopped by a local Best Buy much earlier in the day -- around 1:00 PM -- on unrelated business and a line was already forming for the midnight launch.

Xbox One Armored Trucks

It will be interesting to see how Xbox One sales compare to Sony's PlayStation 4 in the early going. Sony had a one week head start by launching its PS4 to retail on November 15, and after just 24 hours, it had sold more than 1 million units to customers in the U.S.

Microsoft probably won't announce first day console sales unless it equals or beats the PS4, and if it does, you can bet there will be plenty of chest puffing. It would also be a significant statement by gamers, given that the Xbox One with its bundled Kinect sensor costs $100 more than the PS4.