Microsoft Accidentally Leaks Windows 8.1 Spring Update

There’s a much-anticipated update to Windows 8.1 coming, and it seems that it leaked early to the web. The culprit? Microsoft itself.

According to ZDNet, by using a direct link or making an adjustment to the registry to allow the update to come up in Windows Update, users could snag the new version of Windows 8.1 for themselves early. To date, the update was only officially available in RTM (Release to Manufacturing) form.

Windows 8.1 leak
(Credit: ZDNet)

Apparently the update was only successful on a Surface Pro running Windows 8.1 Pro--it failed on a desktop PC running Windows 8.1 Enterprise Edition--and Microsoft has adjusted the flaw that allowed the Windows Update availability and killed the direct download link since the story first broke.

However, it doesn’t look good for Microsoft to have sloppy work show up right before a release that’s supposed to make people want to buy into Windows 8.1.