Microsft Not Worried About Netbook Peak, Tablet Takeover

There's no question about it, people have been wondering what Microsoft's response to the iPad would be. Early on, the company seemed pretty content with just putting Windows 7 onto tablet form factors and rolling with it. But is that really enough? Windows 7 is a desktop OS, and it was never made specifically with tablets in mind. To date, very few Win7 tablets have shipped, and those that have aren't exactly selling through the roof.

At the World Economic Forum in Switzerland this week, Jean-Philippe Courtois, president of Microsoft International, told Reuters the following: "Devices are going to come and go." That statement was in reference to the question of netbooks reaching their peak, and tablets taking over where they left off. Obviously, the more tablets that are sold in the world, the fewer Windows licenses are sold, generally speaking. Next to no tablets have Windows installed, while almost every netbook has a copy of Windows installed. It's obvious why Microsoft should be concerned.

Earlier in the year, Microsoft revealed that they would be creating a version of Windows that would work on chips designed by ARM, and that could definitely turn the tables. Microsoft's stock has been dipping lately, but the company is most definitely still making tons of money. But of course, any slide in momentum usually triggers a sell-off. Will tablets prove to undermine Microsoft mobile success? Time will tell!