Micron Introduces Phase Change Memory For Tablets And Smartphones

Idaho's finest memory maker has just announced something that could have huge implications in the mobile realm. Micron has just introduced phase change memory for mobile devices. It's an industry first, touting 45nm PCM for mobile products that feature 1-gigabit PCM plus 512-megabit LPDDR2 in a multichip package. That's a lot of words, but it could mean more memory for smaller devices. Here's Micron on the matter:

"PCM provides enhanced boot time, simplifies software development and boosts performance with overwrite capability. It also provides very low power consumption and extremely high reliability. In addition, the design-optimizing shared interface between LPDDR2 and PCM is fully compliant with JEDEC industry standards. Micron's 45nm PCM solution is currently targeted for utilization in feature phones, with a future roadmap aimed at addressing smartphones and media tablets."

The new solution could hit phones, tablets and other handheld products soon, and we're guessing it's just a matter of time before other memory makers follow suit. Here's to more memory!
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