Micron Debuts 2GB And 4GB DDR3 Notebook RAM

Samsung just got done wowing us with a memory announcement of its own, and now Micron is dashing in to ensure that it too receives a bit of RAM attention this week. Catering to performance-oriented notebook users, Micron has announced that users can now take advantage of optimized battery life and portability with a new line of low-voltage, high-bandwidth DDR3 memory module.

The new module--which is shipping now in 2GB and will ship in 4GB this fall--aim to operate in a power efficient manner while providing the stability and performance that users have come to expect from the Micron brand. The modules are designed using the industry’s lowest 1.35-volt 1-gigabit (Gb) DDR3 components, allowing for even greater power savings compared to standard 1.5-volt DDR3.

Robert Feurle, vice president of DRAM marketing at Micron, had this to say about the announcement: "Across the board, we are making our DRAM more efficient – from both a power and performance perspective – which ultimately empowers users to be more productive. Our new DDR3 notebook modules offer approximately a 20 percent reduction in power usage compared to standard 1.5-volt modules while maintaining DDR3’s high performance advantage, enabling a desktop-class computing experience for portable computers." There's no mention of price, but expect to pay the typical Micron premium for what should turn out to be solid performance.