Micron Announces 9200 Series NVMe SSDs In Capacities Up To 11TB And 5.5GB/s Bandwidth For The Enterprise

9200 PCIe family
In case you haven’t already noticed by all of the SSD announcements over the past few days, the Flash Memory Summit is currently taking place in Santa Clara, California. We’ve seen new releases from Intel and Kingston, and now we’re hearing what the folks from Micron in store for us on the SSD front. The company is unleashing its 9200 Series NVMe SSDs, which leverage 3D NAND technology to enable blazing fast speeds and large storage capacities to meet business-critical workloads.

The 9200 Series is based on Micron’s 32-layer 3D TLC NAND flash architecture and is available in capacities up to a dizzying 11TB (for the ECO range). The 9200 Series is available in either a 2.5-inch U.2 form factor, or as an add-in card using a PCIe x8 interface.

Looking at the chart below the 9200 Series — which is available in ECO, PRO and MAX tiers — covers a wide spectrum with regards to read/write performance, capacities, and endurance:

micron 9200 series
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Generally speaking, you should expect no less than 2.7GB/sec with respect to sequential 128K reads, while the 9200 MAX tops out at 5.5GB/sec. Likewise, sequential 128K writes range from 2.4GB/sec to 3.5GB/sec. Generally speaking, the 9200 MAX offers the best performance (especially within regards to random 4K writes) and the highest endurance. The 9200 ECO tier offers the highest storage capacities, with 8TB and 11TB SKUs. The 9200 PRO tier fits right in the middle with respect to performance and capacity.

“The Micron 9200 Series of NVMe SSDs are specially designed to deliver the blazing fast speeds, low-latency, and high-capacity needed to handle massive files, images and multimedia assets created by today’s complex application workloads,” said Eric Endebrock, VP for Micron’s SSD and Systems, Storage Business Unit. “With the Micron 9200 SSDs added to our SSD playbook, we are providing customers a rich portfolio of storage solutions to manage their changing business needs.”

According to Micron, the 9200 Series of SSDs will be available later this month from “leading distributors”.

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