Micron 9100 And 7100 NVMe SSDs Blanket Enterprise Market With Uncompromised Performance

The enterprise market for solid state drives (SSDs) is really starting to take off, and we’ve seen new entries in the field from both Intel and Samsung in the past month. Now, Micron is stepping into the fray with new 9100 Series and 7100 Series NVMe SSD products that promise to be a game changer for data center customers.

The 9100 PCI NVMe SSD is of course the range-topping model, available in capacities ranging from 800GB on up to 3.2TB. The 3.2TB models are spec’d for sequential reads/writes of 3GB/sec and 2GB/sec respectively and is rated for 750K IOPS. According to Micron, the 9100 PCI NVMe SSD is up to ten times faster than a single SATA SSD used in traditional data center environments and all SSDs in the series are available in HHHL and 2.5-inch U.2 form factors.

micron ssd
Micron 9100 PCI NVMe SSDs

Micron is also offering the 7100 PCI NVMe SSD for customers looking for an overall lower total cost of ownership (TCO). As a result, you won’t find the blazing performance of its overachieving sibling, but the numbers are still quite respectable. Sequential reads peak at 2.5GB/sec while random 4K reads max out at 220K IOPS. The 7100 PCI NVMe SSD is available in 7mm U.2 or M.2 form factors ranging in capacity from 400GB to 1.9TB.

For those that have SAS needs, Micron also has the new S600DC that comes in a 2.5-inch form factor and can be had in capacities ranging form 200GB up to 4TB. The SSD offers a 12Gb/s SAS dual-port interface and has 450x the performance of a single 15K RPM SAS HDD.

"Companies around the world are partnering with Micron to architect and future proof their data center design," said Darren Thomas, VP of storage at Micron. "As one of the founding innovators of the NVMe storage interface, Micron architected its portfolio of NVMe SSDs to take full advantage of the complete storage solution stack. With the addition of a high-performance NVMe drive to our portfolio—and with the recent addition of SAS—Micron has a product for every storage performance tier within the data center as we know it today."

Micron is currently sampling the 7100 and 9100 Series PCI NVMe SSD, while the S600DC is currently in production.a