Meta Quest Pro VR Headset And Controllers Exposed In Wild Leak

meta quest pro carton
A seemingly misplaced Meta Quest Pro retail package has been investigated in a video shared on Facebook. Apparently, the yet to be announced Quest Pro was left in a hotel room, and the video background reveals a scene which looks like it was probably recorded in a ‘lost-and-found’ room at the hotel. The powerful new Meta Quest Pro was previously known as Project Cambria, during its development phase.

meta quest pro images 1

The video starts by showing us the open box, with the highly anticipated upgraded VR headset in its specially formed packaging insert, and a pair of motion controllers nestled within. The packaging is very different to that of the Quest 2. This will have been a very conscious decision by Meta if the premium pricing (and tech specs) rumors about the Quest Pro are correct.

The nosey videographer first picks up the headset, and we see a protective paper membrane drop away, revealing the twin lenses. Holding up the HMD, we get to see the front of the headset, clearly showing triple video pass though lenses / sensors. This is quite a departure from the almost featureless front of the Quest 2. The controllers have undergone a major change too, eschewing the bangle and moving to something more like a sophisticated wireless remake of the old Wii Remote’s optional Nunchuck.

meta quest pro images 2

The video closes with Zectariuz Gaming, who overlaid a third of the grainy 1:1 aspect ratio video with a logo, taking a look at the packaging sleeve. The inner tray already showed the Meta logo and the words ‘Meta Quest Pro,’ and this is of course repeated on the outer sleeve. Both sides of the sleeve are briefly glimpsed: the back shows the package contents of HMD, controllers and a charger or base station; while the front features an upwards looking view of the headset.

Before we go, The Verge reports that they have talked to the person who recorded the video, and it was explained that the packaging had a label which said, “Not for resale - engineering sample.” Moreover, the person who mistakenly left the headsets behind in their hotel room has since returned to claim them.

Last week, Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg teased the new Quest Pro VR headset in an oblique pose, where much of the headset design was cropped out of the photo. Not to worry though, it is almost certain this premium headset will take center stage at the upcoming Meta Connect conference, which is scheduled for Tuesday, October 11.