Mercedes-Benz EQ Silver Arrow Pays Homage In A Cool Futuristic Way To W 125 Classic

Vision EQ Silver Arrow
If you wait long enough, what's old becomes new again, to a new generation. We see this not only in fashion, but also technology—just look at the success of Nintendo's NES Classic and SNES Classic Edition game consoles. Mercedes-Benz is going back even further, though. Some 81 years after introducing its W 125 hit the racetrack, the automaker is paying homage to its sleek design with a new electric vehicle concept.

Mercedes-Benz unveiled its new Vision EQ Silver Arrow show car during Monterey Car Week, which is an event for car aficionados and collectors from all over the world. The Vision EQ Silver Arrow is a one-seater vehicle designed in the same general shape as its record breaking W 125 car from 1937. It sports a similar aerodynamic construction and alubeam silver paint reminiscent of the history Silver Arrows from yesteryear.

Mercedes EQ Silver Arrow front

"Over 80 years ago, the historic Silver Arrows demonstrated that Mercedes-Benz was a pioneer when it came to speed thanks, among other things, to their streamlined shape," says Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer at Daimler AG. "The Vision EQ Silver Arrow draws on that legacy. Intended for acceleration and driving pleasure, it embodies progressive luxury and provides an insight into the future of our design. As a result, the show car drives the design idiom of our new EQ product and technology brand to the top."

Vision EQ Silver Arrow

For weight reasons, the W 125 did not have a white paint layer—Mercedes-Benz took it off, exposing the aluminum body. This time around, Mercedes-Benz said its new Vision EQ Silver Arrow concept features multiple layers of paintwork in alubeam silver, which appears as liquid metal over the top.

The car's body structure is made of carbon fiber. Same goes for the functional attachment parts, such as the front splitter. Inside the vehicle, the driver's cockpit can be folded forward to provide a wider view of the interior. It contains a mix of "traditional, high quality materials" such as saddle brown genuine leather on the seat and steering wheel, and modern high tech solutions such as the large projection surface.

Vision EQ Silver Arrow

"The sitting surface and backrest have an unusual pattern which is aligned with the seat contour: Stars have been stitched in with the help of laser engraving. AIRSCARF neck-level heating is integrated into the seat. A four-point seatbelt inspired by motorsport holds the driver securely in place. The pedals can be adapted to the driver's specific stature, with a controller located on the seat for adjusting the pedals," Mercedes-Benz says.

Mercedes EQ Silver Arrow rear

Quiet but fierce, the soundless Vision EQ Silver Arrow has an output of 550 kW (750 horsepower). It also boasts a thin rechargeable battery in the underbody with a usable capacity of around 80 kWh for a range of over 400 km (around 248 miles). It's a dual electric motor system, with one on the front axle and another at the rear.

Going electric is a stark contrast from the 12-cylinder engine found in the W 125 from 1937. Performance, however, shouldn't leave any car aficionados wanting.