Memory, Cooling, Small Cases and Sound...

Welcome back friends :)  Sorry about the late start, I am still feeling under the weather and slept most of the day.  So, before it gets much later, let's get down to business...

OCZ PC3500 Enhanced Bandwidth 1GB (512x2) Dual Channel Kit @

"The EB technology is very effective. Overclocking results from these particular PC3500 sticks was very good. Reaching near PC4000 spec without changing the default timings is always a plus. OCZ has definitely built a lot of head room into this kit. The performance at 500Mhz is also the best we have ever seen. Out scoring anything we have tested prior to these. OCZ has a real winner with their enhanced bandwidth memory."

80mm UV Reactive Fan Review @ Creative Mods

"There are hundreds of case fans out there for you to choose from, with all sorts of features: lights, airflow, noise, power connectors etc etc. The list goes on. Today, I reviewed some 80mm blue UV reactive fans. If you are in the market for some very nice looking fans for a decent price, please read this article."

Half-Cube Review @

"Want your computer to look like a small tower system? You can do that easily. Want the model of a car as you case? Just do it. Want it to have the shape of an elephant? Yes, you can have that too. Basically you?re only limited by your imagination as you can easily create and build your own designs"

Asetek WaterChill Kit @ Monster Hardware

"Next, the fan is a generous 120mm. First, before you purchase this kit, you will need to make sure that your case has plenty of room to fit the fan and radiator assembly. My new case has a built-in grill for a 120 mm fan and it was STILL a little tight on mounting the fan and radiator. This Sunon fan is very smooth running and runs much slower than most other fans at a rated 2700 RPM. At this speed, it delivers about 95CFM at a low 36dba. In actual practice, this fan was virtually silent and is one of the quietest fans you will find anywhere ? it is no louder than any standard case exhaust fan that I have used in the past."

M-Audio Revo 7.1 Sound Card Review @

"M-Audio has some excellent software to go with this card. Setting it up was pain free too. Both the Mac and the PC detected the card with no problem. All I had to do is pop in the included driver disk, hit ok, and I was golden. The control panel is virtually identical between the Mac and PC, and is full featured yet unobtrusive. Unlike Creative, M-Audio does not bundle a lot of useless crap that you will never use in the driver CD."

That is all for the moment my friends.  I will see you later :) - Cheers