Memorex MyVideo HD Pocket Camcorder Shoots On The Cheap

What comes to mind at the mention of "Memorex?" Blank optical media? A flash card maybe? A pocket camcorder? Unless you've somehow already heard of the all-new MyVideo, we're guessing the last option isn't the one you chose. Joining the likes of HP, Sony, Flip Video and a host of other companies out there looking to make a splash in the blossoming handheld camcorder market is none other than Memorex, a rather unlikely candidate if we're being completely candid.

The MyVideo HD camcorder range includes the stylish MCC225 in both black and white, with an integrated USB port, one-touch recording, editing software, and easy uploading and sharing to websites like Facebook and YouTube. The device also offers offer instant playback to TV—no PC uploading required—and the ability to capture photos and video; better still, there's a full-size HDMI port and cable included, so getting the footage from your palm to your HDTV should be incredibly simple.

Oddly, Memorex hasn't bothered to dish out other details such as memory size, resolution and still shot capabilities. We're guessing that the $99.99 to $129.99 MSRPs mean that just 4GB or 8GB of inbuilt storage is available, but who knows if an expansion slot is also provided. Anyone brave enough to find out can find these laying around in select Toys R Us and OfficeMax retail locations.