Ex-NASA Engineer Designs Killer Xbox One, PS4 Force Feedback MEGA-one Controller Mod

Behold the MEGA-one video game controller mod. This thing is designed specifically to make your games more immersive by delivering heftier vibration feedback than your PS4 or Xbox One controller is capable of. In fact, the MEGA-one vibration motor is 500 times stronger than what's available in a standard DualShock or Xbox One controller.

mega one hand

According to the ex-NASA engineer who designed the controller each bullet you fire in a shooter recoils the controller back at you. The vibration is enough to nearly pull the controller out of your hands in a driving game if you get out of control. The giant vibration motor has an on/off switch that looks right out of a fighter plane.

mega one  render

The controller promises to support any PS4 or Xbox One game and it can be detached from your normal controller in about ten seconds and players can adjust the amount of force the vibration effect offers. MEGA-one wraps around your normal controller using an exoskeleton design.

mega one motor

To make the controller happen Invexiion Labs has taken to Kickstarter and is seeking about $7,461 with a bit over $1,500 raised as of writing. There are 145 backers so far and the campaign has 43 days to go. MEGA-one is an all or nothing project and won't get any money if the full amount isn’t raised. The Mod kit contains all the necessary parts minus a new controller; you attach it to your existing controller. The device is estimated to ship in February 2019 if funding goals are reached.