MeeGo To Be Picked Up For Smartphone Use By LG?

MeeGo started out with such promise. It was a combined effort between Nokia and Intel, and it looked like it would soon become the go-to operating system for tablets and MIDs in the years ahead. But then, something happened. Something called iOS and Android, two operating systems that found their way onto tablets and have since dominated the market, leaving no room for the likes of MeeGo and Windows 7. Not to mention, Nokia since ditched their efforts in MeeGo and Symbian in order to focus on a Windows Phone 7-based future.

But there still seems to be a bit of life remaining in MeeGo. Despite the fact that the bulk of the support is gone, it was a clever OS with a nice UI and a lot of good thoughts behind it. And those thoughts are seemingly interesting to LG Electronics. A new Reuters report confirms that LG is now moving forward with plans to adopt the Linux-based MeeGo, picking up mostly where Nokia left off. Valtteri Halla, a member of the technical steering group of MeeGo, had this to say: "It's opening opportunities for the others to come in. Discussions are taking place. You'll see things coming out this year, pretty soon."

In the past, Nokia's prominent role in MeeGo frightened other phone makers away, but now that they're gone, an opening is obviously there. A spokesperson for LG did say that the company has no definite plans to produce MeeGo systems outside of in-car-based rigs, but they didn't deny the rumors. It also seems plausible to think that a company with one foot in the MeeGo door would expand that somewhat and possibly use it to promote new handsets; it's hard to stand out in the crowd of Android phones, but being one of the only MeeGo phones would definitely make the news.

Now, we just have to kick back and wait to see if LG actually follows through on any of this. Would you buy a MeeGo phone? Definitely sounds tempting...