Maxthon Brings Desktop View To Android Smartphones

Maxthon released a new version of its Maxthon Mobile browser for Android. This browser lets users view the web with mobile optimizations for better speed or in a complete desktop view. Thanks to the browser's new Multi-mode feature, users will see the faster-loading, mobile-optimized version of a web site when it exists. If you'd rather see the full website, just as you would on your desktop, you can switch to Desktop View.

Maxthon Brings the Big Screen of the Internet to the Small Screen of the Smartphone

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 25, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Browser developer Maxthon built upon its long history of empowering choice for web users today with the release of a new version Maxthon Mobile for Android. The new browser makes it easy for users to decide how they want their web: mobile optimized for speed or a complete desktop view.

"The mobile version of some websites can be pretty thin soup. You lose a lot," said Jeff Chen, CEO and founder of Maxthon. "On the other hand, the full versions of some websites just don't work with the form factor of a smartphone on a wireless connection. With Maxthon Mobile, you don't have to choose between one or the other."

Maxthon avoids both scenarios with its new feature, Multi-mode.

"Multi-mode gives Maxthon users two ways of surfing the Internet through their smartphones.  In the Android-view mode, Maxthon shows you the faster-loading, mobile-optimized web site when it exists.

It's great for sites you're already familiar with, when you know what you're looking for."

"In Desktop View, Maxthon shows you the entire website as you would see it on a full-sized computer. It's perfect for those times when you need access to all of the features and functionality on the page."

Maxthon Mobile with the new Multi-mode feature is a free download at and popular download sites.

Maxthon's mobile browser is deeply integrated with Maxthon's flagship product, Maxthon 3 for Windows. The two browsers share similar tabbed interfaces, fast, error-correcting downloader, automatic passwords, and gesture controls. They also can sync passwords, favorites and other settings with each other so users can move from one browser to the other without having to take the time to update either the PC or smartphone browsers. True portability. Maxthon for Windows is the fifth most popular browser in the world and has received several awards for its innovative design and features.