Mario Kart Tour Launches Free-to-Play On Android And iOS With Pricey Monthly Subscription Option

Android and iOS gamers who are fans of the Mario Kart franchise can now download Mario Kart Tour on both Android and iOS devices. Some fans of the game already had it installed on their Android and iOS devices ready to go. The catch was that the servers needed for the game to work weren't live.

mario kart tour

The game does require a Nintendo account to play, so before you download, go and set one of those up, assuming you don't already have one. It was announced before that the game would feature Mario and other characters racing on tracks that are based on real-world cities. The game will also include classic Mario Kart courses for players to enjoy.

Maps based on cities will rotate every two weeks, while the first destination race is a New York city-based course. During this New York destination tour, fans can unlock Musician Mario and Pauline from Super Mario Odyssey as drivers. Mario Kart tour is a free to play title, but we should also mention that there will be in-app purchases, including a $4.99/month Gold Pass that is supposed to provide some in-game badges along with unlocking 200cc mode. 

Controls for the game use the touchscreen and sound easy to use. Sliding a finger across the screen turns and tapping the screen uses stored items like banana peels or turtle shells. The game reportedly had some server issues when it first went live early this morning, but that has been worked out.

Check out the video above for more details on the game. Android gamers can download Mario Kart Tour here. Apple iOS gamers can download Mario Kart Tour here. Create the required Nintendo account here.