Google Brings The Mandalorian And Baby Yoda Into Your Living Room With AR

If you are a fan of the Star Wars universe and the popular Mandalorian series on Disney+, boy do we have an app for you. Google and Lucasfilm worked together to bring "Mando" himself into your living room through the power of augmented reality. You can get this app on select 5G phones today and obtain new experiences weekly through October of next year.

"The Mandalorian AR Experience" is a way to "Retrace the Mandalorian's steps, find the Child, and harness the Force, all featuring life-sized versions of your favorite characters." As it stands, only the events of Season 1 are brought to life, but that could change over time. Over the course of the next year, we will likely see events from future Mandalorian episodes in augmented reality (AR).

The only caveat to getting the app is you need to have a Pixel 5G device or one of the other listed 5G Android devices. Sadly, people without these devices do not get to see the famed bounty hunter in their home, but you can keep up to date with the latest episodes on Disney+ every Friday.
mando experience reviews
Moreover, it seems as though people have been struggling with the app according to the reviews, so perhaps it may be worth it to wait until those reviews improve. In any case, it is nice to see AR continue to move forward and hopefully improve in the coming weeks. If you want to see if "The Mandalorian AR Experience" is compatible with your device, you can check out the store page here.