Looking For Love? Guy Has ChatGPT Flirt With 5K Women On Tinder, Meets His Wife

man uses chatgpt to sift through tinder and find a wife
The power of love is a curious thing, make a one man weep, make another man use ChatGPT to find a wife out of 5,000 options. Pretty sure that isn’t what Huey Lewis & The News wrote originally, but it seems to be on the money for what has happened. Reports have now surfaced about a Russian gentleman who used ChatGPT to become a dating assistant, sifting through and interacting with up to 5,000 Tinder matches in Moscow. Perhaps this is the new way forward for online dating apps, as, after all, you aren’t going all that deep in the first few messages.

In 2021, Russian Aleksandr Zhadan was out of their last relationship and back on the market, swiping through Tinder as many people do. However, doing this the old-fashioned way yielded different results than they would have liked. As such, Zhadan turned to OpenAI’s GPT-2 model to become his dating assistant, who, in time, interacted with 5,239 women on Tinder and scheduled over 100 dates. The model was trained on him, understanding his interests, preferences, and other details, like filtering out anyone with photos of alcohol and zodiac signs in biographies, which he did not like.

prompt man uses chatgpt to sift through tinder and find a wife
At least ChatGPT 3.5 had some helpful suggestions...

Initially, GPT could send messages and hold conversations as well as schedule dates using Google Calendar. Of course, there were a few kinks to work out with this, though, such as snafus like saying some details to a date that were not relayed to Zhadan. However, the project was gradually updated as new GPT models came out, leading up through GPT-4 and making Zhadan a “more thoughtful lover” as Gizmodo explains.

In time, the dating assistant narrowed Zhadan’s Tinder options down to one woman: Karina Vyalshakaeva. In the first few months, Karina was interacting with ChatGPT, but eventually, that feature was paused to directly interact with Zhadan, which led to the couple moving in together. In the end, Karina did end up finding out about the project and was more shocked than anything. Initially conversations are about learning the other person, and “[Zhadan] spent a lot of time personalizing these prompts so, for me, it’s okay when used in a rational way.”

While this won’t work for everyone, and the end result may not be the same, it is still a really interesting use for ChatGPT. It is also noted that this ended up costing Zhadan thousands of dollars to operate, so it probably won’t see a public release. For some, this might seem like a cold way to interact with other people, but it also might streamline the dating process and make life a lot easier for folks struggling to find the right fish in the sea.
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