Man Threatens iPhone With 9-Mil Destruction

It's no secret that iPhone owners, while in general happy with their devices, are not so happy about the AT&T network. Still, is that any reason to shoot your iPhone?

A Westwood, OH man went to an Apple Store late last week in the Kenwood Towne Centre. Angry over his broken iPhone, he apparently flashed a gun at one of the store's employees.

Police say that Donald Goodrich, 38, told an Apple Store employee that he was so mad at his iPhone, he could "put a nine millimeter" in it. The employee replied that wouldn't be necessary, but that's when Goodrich allegedly showed him a gun he had under his shirt.

The employee escorted Goodrich to a technician, who began to work on the iPhone. At that point, the employee told the manager of the events, and police were called.

Goodrich has a concealed carry permit, but he is required by laws to tell them about the gun, which deputies say he did not do. Even without that fact, this guy is a little off to feel brandishing a weapon is a good thing to do.

Perhaps, as some say, it shows how he's replacing something small with something a bit larger. Ahem. Goodrich is charged with carrying a concealed weapon and aggravated menacing. He was released on his own recognizance.
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