Cybertruck Frunk Breaks A YouTuber's Finger In An Ill-Advised Experiment Video

man breaks finger in tesla cybertruck frunk test
It’s unclear whether it is intentional or not, but Tesla Cybertruck owners continue to prove themselves not the sharpest spoons in the knife drawer. We originally thought that wearing an Apple Vision Pro while driving a Cybertruck prompting a government warning would have been the limit, but clearly, that isn’t the case. Now, a YouTuber has stuck his finger into the frunk of his Cybertruck, breaking the skin and potentially breaking the finger altogether.

Earlier this week, a person named Jeremy Judkins on YouTube posted a video putting life and limb on the table, or rather on the frunk. This video tested the Tesla Cybertruck’s frunk closing mechanism to see if it would squish various body parts, seemingly resulting in some pain. In an effort to one-up the idiocy, YouTuber Joe Fay posted a similar video testing his arm, hand, and finger as well which you can see in the embedded short below.

After this video came out, people were quick to call him out saying he lifted his hand to make the detection algorithm back off on closing the frunk. Therefore, he posted a new video showing his hand flat on the Cybertruck and his finger extended in the way of the frunk door. Beforehand, he tested the door on a stick, which was broken with relative ease. Then, Joe stuck his finger in the frunk and closed it, leading to quite a bit of pain and broken skin. It is unclear whether the finger was genuinely broken, but he claimed in the video to be unable to move it after the incident.

Regardless of the vehicle, we would not recommend sticking any body part in the way of a closing door intentionally. As for Tesla, it could stand to work on the algorithm that detects whether something is blocking a door from closing, among numerous other Cybertruck problems. It’s probably not worth increasing the closing pressure or trying to force close the door automatically, as you never know if there might be a digit or other body part caught in there.