Man Receives 84-inch LG TV From Amazon By Mistake, Ends Up Arrested For Keeping It

Placing an order on-line, and receiving the wrong item, can be annoying. It's also irritating when things that we didn't even order in the first place end up at our home. A man called Nick Memmo from Freetown, Mass. knows this all too well; he ordered a 75-inch TV on Amazon, and when Amazon's delivery service contractor dropped it off, they also delivered a larger LG 84-inch TV at the same time. And that second mis-delivered TV landed Memmo in hot water with the police.

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Because Memmo held onto the set and was coy about it, he was charged and arrested for larceny and for misleading a police officer. Officers executed a search of the man's home after their initial contact and found the 84-inch TV mounted to his living room wall. Memmo told Boston 25 News, "They surrounded the house and knocked on the door with flashlights coming through all the windows. They told me to come outside, then handcuffed me."

Man Arrested for keeping accidental tv shipment
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Memmo has admitted that the TV was delivered to his home by mistake, and admitted that the police had questioned him about the TV days before his arrest. He says that he answered the questions he could without putting himself in jeopardy; the police say that Memmo was uncooperative in their questioning. The man notes that he asked the police if he needed to hire an attorney and was told he wasn't under investigation at that point.

The delivery company that mistakenly dropped the larger TV off at Memmo's home said that they tried to contact him multiple times before going to the police. Memmo claims he gets a large number of calls each day and doesn't answer all of them. While the shipping company says that Memmo signed for the larger TV, he disputes that. Memmo also says that he had contacted Amazon about the second TV and was told that he hadn't done anything wrong. At this time it seems the issue with the police stems from the delivery company calling them and filing a complaint after failing to reach Memmo on the phone. Of course, we don't recommend keeping mis-delivered TVs, but if you need a new big screen Amazon and Best Buy have a TCL model on sale that may satisfy your needs.