Malware Posing as Temple Run and Other Popular Apps Surface on Google Play

In case you need yet another reminder not to go downloading Android apps willy-nilly, a developer was recently caught trying to spread malware by masquerading infected programs as legitimate software. This latest outbreak was relatively easy to spot for tech savvy users, as the dirty dupes were identifiable with the word "Super" attached to them.

Temple Run was among the popular titles being spoofed, which appeared in Google Play as Temple Run Super. World of Goo Super was another. They were all posted by "apkdeveloper," who appears to have been banned from Google Play after a Reddit post drew attention to the malware infested apps.

Android Malware
Image Source: Reddit user "rnicoll"

With the amount of market share Android commands, the open source playground is starting to attract an increasing number of undesirables gung-ho on spreading their wares. In November, data published by Juniper Networks showed a 472 percent increase in Android malware samples since July, albeit the vast majority was found outside of Google Play.

The bottom line is you need to be on your guard no matter where you download apps.