Malaysia honors DVD-sniffing dogs

Lucky and Flo (pictured) were the first dogs trained to sniff out optical discs by their chemical composition.  They were loaned to the Malaysian government in March by the Motion Picture Association.  They were so good at their job, in fact, that a bounty of $29,000 was put out on them.  They've finished their 6-month assignment in Malaysia and are on their way home back to America.
Malaysia gave a hero’s send-off Monday to Lucky and Flo, honoring the two DVD-sniffing dogs with medals as they ended a six-month assignment that netted 1.6 million illegal movie discs.

The two black Labradors looked puzzled when a multitude of press photographers’ flash bulbs went off as Malaysia’s deputy trade minister S. Veerasingham placed medals around their necks.

Their 6-month assignment was named "Operation Double Trouble."  During that time they helped find 1.6 million DVDs and other optical discs, three DVD replicating machines and 97 compact disc burners, worth $6 million. They also netted twenty-six people during the raids, so it's obvious why a "hit" would be placed on them.
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