MAKE Magazine and Google Team Up on Tinkerer’s Paradise Called “Maker Camp”

If you’ve never explored the wonderful world of MAKE Magazine, you’re missing out. The site is brimming with incredibly fun and creative ideas for everything from oddball toys to serious DIY creations such as vehicles.

The folks behind MAKE have now partnered with Google, as well as tinkerer royalty such as Adafruit’s Limor Fried, to produce thirty “Maker Camps” on Google+ from today until August 24th.

In a post on Google’s official blog, MAKE Magazine publisher Dale Dougherty wrote, “Every Monday through Thursday morning, beginning Monday, July 16, a Maker Camp counselor will post how-to instructions for a new project on and These projects are great for families to do together or for teens to do on their own. Many of the projects involve materials and tools that you can find around the house. Junior counselors will host a Hangout On Air in the afternoon so campers can post questions and comments and share photos and videos of their projects.”

Building compressed air rockets via Maker Camp

All you have to do to participate is be at least 13 years old and have a Google+ account; the fun happens over at MAKE’s G+ page. The first project for the summer? A compressed air rocket.

All of the above confirms what we’ve always feared--that we were born a generation too late. Kids, color us jealous.