Majority of iPhone Users Spend Upwards of $100 Per Month on Carrier Bill

Extract from this what you will, but not only do iPhone users typically pay a higher subsidy than many Android users, but their monthly cell phone bill is higher, too. The majority of iPhone owners spend more than $100 on their monthly carrier bills, while one out of every ten is on the hook for over $200 each month.

According to data compiled by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) that was shared with All Things D, nearly 60 percent of iPhone users spend more than $100 on their carrier bill every month. Compare that to Android users (53 percent), along with BlackBerry users (40 percent) and Windows-Phone users (56 percent).

That's not a huge disparity in some cases, but for carriers cashing in on their customers, the numbers quickly add up. Why is it, then, that iPhone users have higher phone bills, on average?


"We think it has to do with their data plans and carriers, rather than their usage habits," CIRP co-founder Michael Levin told All Things D. "They are all on expensive data plans, unlike Android users, some of which are on prepaid or unsubsidized plans with regional carriers."

Another interesting tidbit CIRP revealed is that iPhone users are most likely to stick with their platform when it comes time to renew. By the numbers, 88 percent of current iPhone owners polled used an iPhone previously, whereas 64 percent of current Android users had upgraded from a prior Android device.