Major Halo 5 Update Delivers 16-Player Vehicular Spartanslaughter To Alien Battlefields

At this point, Halo 5 hasn't even been out for an entire month, but it's already proving to be one of the hottest, most fun titles of the year. And you if not for the fact that a certain little title called Fallout 4 just came out, Halo 5 would still be the market's current darling. As we reported at the start of the month, the game sold $400 million worth of copies in its first week, so in all regards, it's proving to be a major success for both 343 Industries and Microsoft.

If you've got the game, you'll be happy to know that new content is not going to take long to get here. That's right, even before you can feel like you've gotten a great taste of the game, more stuff is going to drop. Such as a brand-new big team battle mode, Shinobi armor, and a slew of new REQs.


343 isn't laying all of the goods on the table, but perhaps the most major part of this update will be the big team battle mode. It's said that this will launch with 4 maps, and each will be 8v8. You'll spot elements from maps in earlier titles, so these could be verbatim copies that are just updated with improved artwork. You'll also be able to hop into many different warthogs and other vehicles.

On the REQ front, there are a ton of things to seek out, all ranging between common and legendary rarity. Of note on the legendary side is the Tundra Mantis, a killing machine that looks great, and appears to be quite agile.

Also noteworthy is an "ultra rare" item that's not being revealed at all. Who wants to place bets on how long it will take someone to find this mysterious item? Of similar note, the cool new Shinobi armor set is also ultra rare, but if you can't score that, you might have better luck seeking out the Tracer armor set which should be much more common.

There's been no definitive release date given for this update, but the wait should be worth it. Why? Because it's absolutely free. Gotta love that!