Maingear's Quantum SHIFT Workstation PC Cuts Through CS5 And More

Maingear already made a name for themselves in the gaming PC market with the SHIFT. The company calls that company the world's first "personal supercomputer," and though we doubt it'd be good for solving NASA problems or the like, it really is quite powerful. In an effort to cater to the creative professionals who also want that kind of power, but need GPUs that are better suited to computational programs rather than sheer gameplay, the company has introduced the Quantum SHIFT Workstation PC.

It's billed as the ultimate PC for Adobe's Creative Suite 5 (which just launched today, actually), and who are we to argue? When a machine comes with up to three NVIDIA Quadro FX CPUs, a selection of Intel Core i7 processors and up to 24GB of RAM, we tend to believe it can handle the occasional blur or filter. The three GPU setup allows the machine to really cut through CS5, with the GPU-accelerated color picker, color dropper and real time brush resizing giving users immersive interaction with the canvas.

The machine can be customized today, though the base price of $3399 will probably rule out an impulse buy.

MAINGEAR Debuts Quantum SHIFT Workstation PC for Creative Professionals

The ultimate PC for Adobe CS5 employs up to 3 Quadro FX cards, Intel i7 Processors, and up to 24GB RAM

Union, New Jersey – April 12, 2010 - MAINGEAR Computers, award-winning builders of custom computers for PC gamers, enthusiasts, and creative professionals, unveils the Quantum SHIFT Workstation, an everyday super computer that exceeds the demands of the most power hungry graphics professionals.  Fully optimized for Adobe CS5, the SHIFT employs up to three NVIDIA Quadro FX graphics cards to enable a GPU accelerated Adobe Creative Suite that allows you to design with creative precision.  SHIFT’s unique vertical heat-stack design ensures that your Quadro equipment remains cool and quiet no matter how intense your tasks may be.

With Adobe CS5 powered by MAINGEAR, you can navigate images like never before with GPU-accelerated scrubby zoom, bird's eye zoom, and 3D modeling.  Also, GPU-accelerated color picker, color dropper and real time brush resizing give you immersive interaction with your canvas.  The CUDA-accelerated Mercury Engine in Premiere Pro gives post-production houses the power to edit more than 3 layers and multiple effects in real-time.  With Quadro’s GPU acceleration in Premiere Pro, playback of two layers HDV and effects can be accelerated in real time on the GPU.  At nearly 30 frames per second.  Compare that to 2.2 frames per second on the CPU only.

“Adobe CS5 fully leverages the advantages of NVIDIA’s Quadro FX GPU accelerated technology,” said Wallace Santos, CEO and Founder of MAINGEAR.  “Quantum SHIFT optimizes both technologies with enhanced performance and airflow, providing creative professionals with the most advanced workstation PC ever created.”

In addition, the new GeForce GTX 480 brings an unprecedented amount of professional power to the table.  If you're looking for the ability to playback three layers of HD, and twice the performance of a GTX 285 in CS5, the SHIFT with GeForce GTX 480 is a powerhouse editing product.

"Adobe CS5 powered by GeForce GTX 480 hardware has enabled us to achieve same-day edits with our in-house video production," said Chris Morley, CTO of MAINGEAR. "In seven years of designing and selling high definition post production workstations, I've never seen so much get done in so little time and for so little money.  The ROI with SHIFT powered by NVIDIA running Adobe CS5 is amazing."

Consumers can purchase the Quantum SHIFT at MAINGEAR's Web site  or order by phone at (888-MAINGEAR).  The base price is $3,399 and comes with MAINGEAR’s premium Lifetime Labor and Phone Support with a 1 year hardware warranty and is backed by the best in-house support team in the country.