Maingear's New Vertical Oriented Ivy Bridge Desktops Whisk Heat Up, Up and Away!

Every system builder that wants to stay in business is rolling out new rigs built around Intel's awesome Ivy Bridge architecture, but Maingear's taking it one step further by using Ivy Bridge as a launching pad for its vertical heat desktops in smaller form factors.

This is something Maingear was already doing with its Shift desktops, and now the same VRTX Cooling Technology is being applied to its F131 (micro ATX) and all new Potenza (mini ATX) systems as well.

"We are very excited and offer the option for our customers to select a Maingear desktop with heat dissipation solution in three different chassis size and performance levels," said Wallace Santos, CEO and Founder of Maingear. "The new 3rdnd generation Intel® Core i7 3930K processor and Intel® Z77 Chipset, built in any of our desktops offer the ultimate gaming experience."

The starting price for the new Potenza series is $899 for AMD fans, or $1,048 (H77) and $1,299 (Z77) for Intel aficionados. According to Maingear, this pint-sized PC is 45 percent smaller than the overhauled F131 and more than two-thirds smaller than the mighty Shift, yet it can still accommodate graphics cards up to 10 inches in size like the GeForce GTX 680. It also supports one 3.5-inch and two 2.5-inch drives.