Maingear F131 Preview: The Most Impressive Gaming PC We've Seen Yet

Maingear F131 Custom Gaming PC

Boutique gaming, performance enthusiast and workstation custom PC builders are a burgeoning breed in the computing market and there are some impressive custom builds out there that we've seen recently. It goes without saying that many of these custom, liquid-cooled marvels of technology go above and beyond what the average DIY enthusiast PC homebrew builder might be able to achieve on their own with off-the-shelf components. The likes of Origin, Digital Storm, Falcon Northwest and newcomers like Xidax, have all graced our pages here at one time or another, but never have we seen the kind of custom cooling design innovation, precision, super-premium build quality, materials and workmanship that the folks at Maingear just delivered to us for review.

Maingear F131 Top Lights
Maingear's new F131 debuted at CES 2018 this year in Las Vegas, but it wasn't ready for our full evaluation until recently. We're currently putting this 65-pound middleweight contender through its benchmark paces here and it clearly hits way above its weight class, both in terms of performance and the impressive custom liquid cooling solution that Maingear designed for this hot rod of a gaming PC.

We were so impressed with it actually, that we thought it would be nice to serve up an early video preview ahead of our full write-up that is on tap in the days ahead. Affix your geek lust on the Maingear F131, the most impressive custom gaming PC we have seen thus far...

Of course, the machine so far has been absolutely obliterating our benchmark runs, powered by an overclocked Intel Core i9-7960X 16-core CPU overclocked at 4.4GHz on all cores, dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GPUs (also overclocked and liquid cooled), 32GB of DDR4-3000 memory and a fast Samsung 960 Pro Solid State Drive. We knew what the sum of these parts would deliver and it was bound to be record-breaking.

Maingear F131 Flow Meter
Maingear F131 Cooling Liquid Flow Meter
Maingear F131 Side Internal View
However, from its precision-crafted hardline liquid cooling network, to its massive, custom Maingear-designed water block -- complete with flow meter -- we've never seen anything quite like the Maingear F131. We've also never seen a custom performance gaming PC built quite as efficiently, and with this kind of precision as well. Every square inch of real estate inside the machine seems to be carefully planned out for optimal use of space and maximum performance. Yes, as we emphatically noted in our video preview, it's pretty badass but stay tuned in the days ahead for our full review, to see just what this beast is really made of.