Mailbox Lands on the iPad, Thriving Under Dropbox's Wing

When cloud storage service Dropbox snapped up a hot new mail app called Mailbox back in March, the match seemed like a good one, and indeed the Mailbox team appears to be steadily cranking out updates for its iOS app. Now, the team has released Mailbox for the iPad, as well.

There’s a sense that the Mailbox folks barely took a breath after completing it before diving back in for more, judging from the short-and-sweet blog post announcing the new app. The post reads in its entirety: “You asked, we listened. Mailbox is now available for iPad, so you can swipe your way to inbox zero on all your iOS devices.”

Mailbox for iPad

In the last couple of weeks, the Mailbox team, which now works out of Dropbox’s headquarters, has added a number of features to the original app including faster swiping, “smarter” snooze capabilities, shake to undo, and various bug fixes and tweaks. They’ve also surpassed the one million mailbox reservations mark and say they can handle up to 100 million messages per day--a feat of scaling no doubt facilitated by Dropbox.

Mailbox for iPad

iOS users can grab the free Mailbox app for iPhone and iPad today.