Madden NFL 17 Simulation Predicts Nailbiting Finish To Super Bowl Between Patriots And Falcons

Madden NFL 17

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is the greatest of all time (GOAT) at his position and it's not up for debate. Haters will hate and I'm fine with that. Deflategate was nothing more than a smear campaign by media outlets desperate for hits (I'm looking at you, ESPN), and a blatant power grab by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, otherwise known as Satan in New England. Pats nation will have an opportunity for revenge this Sunday and if EA's Madden NFL 17 simulation is any indication, there's going to be a lot of celebrating and partying throughout the Northeast US.

After trailing 17-10 at the end of the first half, Madden NFL 17 has Brady connecting with wide receiver Julian Edelman for a game winning touchdown on a 4th and 4 situation with just 20 seconds left to play. That's clutch, folks. The final score is 27-24 as the Patriots hoist the Lombardi trophy that Lucifer reluctantly hands over before retreating to the bowels of hell where he's comforted by Ted Wells.

Don't worry if you're not following any of this, as this is a tech site after all and not a sports blog. But here is what you might find interesting. Every year Electronic Arts releases a new Madden NFL game. And every year the most recent game runs a simulation of the Super Bowl once the two teams have been determined. EA has been doing this for over a decade and has remarkably picked the winner 9 out of 12 times.

Even more eerie is how the Madden franchise has been able to accurately predict various details of certain Super Bowl games. The last time the Patriots were in the Super Bowl (2015), the Madden simulation not only got the final score correct, it accurately predicted the Patriots would overcome a 10-point 3rd quarter deficit and came within just three yards of accurately forecasting Edelman's final receiving yardage total.

That is good news for Patriots fans, though Madden isn't always accurate. It does stumble on occasion, as it did when predicting the Patriots would handily defeat the Giants 38-20 in 2008. That one still stings. And in the past six Super Bowls, Madden is 3-3.

Whatever, this weekend's matchup looks to be an exciting one featuring two high profile quarters who can air it out. In the meantime, EA is running a special offer in which you can grab Madden NFL 17 for as little as $20 until February 6 on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.