Eerily Accurate Madden NFL 16 Simulation Makes Super Bowl 50 Predictions

Sorry, not sorry Denver Broncos fans, but your battered team led by Satan Manning is going to lose the Super Bowl. Yes, that's a prediction of a bitter New England Patriots fan (me), but also that of Electronic Arts' Madden NFL 16 simulation. Before you dismiss it as just a video game, consider that there are plenty of reasons why you should take the prediction seriously.

EA's Madden franchise has a favorable history in predicting the Super Bowl winner. How favorable? Try 9 out of 12. That's right, out of 12 attempts at predicting a Super Bowl winner by way of a game simulation, EA's Madden titles have gotten it right all but three times. If you're a gambling man or woman, a 75 percent success rate is what you fantasize about.

Madden NFL 16

It goes beyond just predicting the winner. In last year's Super Bowl, arguably the greatest one of all time, Madden NFL 15 not only identified that the Patriots would beat the Seahawks and that it would all come down to one thrilling final drive, but a series of stats that in a former era would have people crying out claims of witchcraft. Specifically:
  • The exact final score (28-24).
  • Brady passing for 335 yards and 4 touchdowns (Brady finished the game with 328 yards and 4 touchdowns. The sim missed by only 7 yards).
  • New England would trail 24-14 in the third quarter before staging a comeback.
  • Julian Edelman scoring the game-winning touchdown pass and Edelman finishing as the Patriots' top receive with eight catches for 106 yards (Edelman ended the Super Bowl with nine catches for 109 yards).
Even IBM's Watson would be have to impressed with how closely Madden NFL 15 predicted various aspects of the Super Bowl last year. Will Madden NFL 16 be equally as accurate? We'll find out soon enough.

While I'm anticipating another Panthers blowout, Madden NFL 16 is predicting a close outcome to the tune of 24-20. The simulation also has Panthers quarterback Cam Newton completing 19 of 26 passes for 216 yards with a single touchdown and one interception.

"Defense is the name of the game and that, paired with Denver's struggles moving the ball, helped the Panthers come out on top," EA said.

What are your predictions for the Super Bowl? Do you think the Panthers will bring the offensive boom, or will Denver's defense give Newton and company more than they can handle, ultimately earning Peyton Manning a second Super Bowl ring?