Slightly Mad Studios Teases Concept Renders Of Mad Box Game Console Controllers

The gang over at Slightly Mad Studios has been teasing us with the promise of a new game console that will rival the best from Sony and Microsoft. If you've never heard of Slightly Mad Studios, don't feel bad; it's mostly known as a game developer that is behind games like Project CARS 2 among others. The concept art that the studio CEO Ian Bell teased for the console not long after the announcement looked cool, even if Bell admitted the real console wouldn't be as flashy.

mb controller l
mb controller trig

Bell is now back with some teaser concept art for the controller that will ship with the console. Like the console itself, the controller looks fantastic. The multiple images show a controller that looks more blocky than other game console controllers on the market. That said, it does have virtually the same layout for controls as the Xbox One controller.

mb controller paddle

That means a pair of thumbsticks, a d-pad, and four primary buttons on its face. On the top edge of the controller are dual paddles and dual triggers. The most interesting thing about the concept images is that the center of the controller between the buttons and the left joystick is a screen that shows different interface options depending on what you're doing. One of the images shows a keyboard for typing, and the other two show contextual game controls that highlight the correct buttons.

mb controller game
mb controller dual

The images do show one controller marked with "1" and ther other with "2" suggesting that the Mad Box will support dual controllers, which would be expected. The images also show the WiFi signal strength indicator on the controllers. One of the most exciting images that Bell offered up this go around shows a pair of controllers sitting in front of a horizontal box. That box appears to be the console itself; perhaps this is the less flashy version that Bell hinted at before.