Slightly Mad Studios Reveals Striking Concept Renders Of Mad Box Game Console

Earlier this week we talked about a new game console that the CEO of Slightly Mad Studios, Ian Bell, was teasing called the Mad Box. We came away from that teaser with a lot of questions and a promise from Bell that renders of the console would be coming in the next few weeks. With the buzz around the console, Bell and his crew wasted no time providing renders and they look very interesting.

mad box colors

Two of the renders show a console with glowing lights running around the flared legs of the stand and "M" on top of the console. Bell notes that the internals are purposefully blurred because they are still in talks with hardware vendors. Bell has also tipped some more details of the console in his many tweets.

mad box orange

Bell promises that all independent developers "on Earth" will be handed a cross-platform "almost one click export" engine that will allow them to deploy games on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Mad Box. That statement answers one of the big questions that we had earlier this week by confirming that developers would need to develop games specifically for Mad Box; it won't be playing PC games. Bell does salt that porting time will be "minimal" for game developers which should be some consolation.

mad box red

As for the design, which is much more flamboyant than anything Microsoft, Nintendo, or Sony is offering, Bell says we should celebrate gaming. He tweeted "We aren't making no stinking black slider to hide away in your rack." However, Bell did say that he felt the concept design was a bit garish and that it would probably be toned down for release. Bell has offered no further details on when the console will be delivered, but stated earlier this week the console was about three years out.