MacBook Air Reportedly Getting an Early Summer Refresh

If the only thing preventing you from picking up a MacBook Air is the Core 2 Duo foundation, hang tight, things are about to get better (and significantly faster). According to reports, Apple is getting ready to refresh its MacBook Air line with Intel's Sandy Bridge platform and Thunderbolt interface. New models will be ready to launch in June or July.

This is according to news and rumor site DigiTimes, which feels pretty confident in its sources behind the scenes in Taiwan. Apple, of course, is keeping mum on future product releases, as the Cupertino outfit always does.

"Main supply chain makers for the new models remain about the same as for the existing MacBook Air, with Quanta Computer solely responsible for assembly, Catcher Technology supplying casings, Auras Technology a main supplier of thermal modules, Shin Zu Shing supplying hinges, and Simplo Technology and Dynapack supplying batteries, the sources pointed out. However, none of the makers have confirmed their participation in making new MacBook Airs," DigiTimes says.

The timing is right for Apple for update its MacBook Air line. The first Macs to receive the Sandy Bridge makeover were the MacBook Pros earlier this year, which were also the first to sport Intel's Thunderbolt interface. More recently, Apple refreshed its iMac line with Sandy Bridge and Thunderbolt, and it only makes sense that the MacBook Air, which currently uses Intel's Core 2 platform, would be next.