Lytro Unveils Perspective Shift And Living Filters For Light Field Cameras

If you're even remotely interested in technology, you've probably heard of Lytro. It's the company that ushered in a new kind of camera, one that allowed users to take photos and then tweak the depth of field in post-processing. Now, the company's spinning up innovation once more, unveiling perspective shift and living filters for new ways to experience "living pictures." The company's light field cameras will soon have an update (December 4th), enabling existing owners to enjoy the new options as well.

Perspective Shift lets Lytro photographers interactively change the point of view in a picture after it has been taken. On a computer or mobile device, viewers can move the living picture in any direction – left, right, up, down and all around. When pictures are shared to the web, Facebook and Twitter, friends can experience Perspective Shift without needing any special software. Perspective Shift also works retroactively on any light field pictures previously taken with a Lytro camera.

In addition to Perspective Shift, Lytro announced a new way to enhance light field pictures with Living Filters. With a single click, Lytro photographers will be able to apply one of nine interactive filters to their pictures and change the look of the picture based on light field depth. Unlike traditional digital photo filters, Living Filters create additional effects as viewers interact with a picture. Living Filters is a free update to Lytro Desktop and works on all Lytro light field pictures, including retroactively.

If you've been ignoring Lytro, now seems like a decent time to start paying attention. Smile!
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