Lytro Announces Pre-Order For Illum Light-Field Camera, Specs Show ‘40 Megaray’ Custom Sensor

Lytro is doing something that few other companies are these days: launching into a new hardware sector using the conventional means, instead of relying on Kickstarter to simply serve a specific niche. The original Lytro camera was a rectangular device that looked nothing like a camera, but the Illum is easy to mistake for a typical micro-four thirds cam.

It's the higher end of Lytro's product portfolio, with a light field mechanism that enables the focal point to be shifted after the shot is captured. Speaking of internals, the company's product page now details a 40 "Megaray" customized sensor that you won't find anywhere else, as well as "table-class processing" to handle all of the information it's ingesting.

Of course, the Illum has been announced before; the news here is that it's officially up for pre-order. It'll cost you a whopping $1499, but if you're willing to be amongst the first to pony up, you'll secure a limited edition model with engravings and a strap, as well as "premium customer support." Oh, one other thing: if you own the original Lytro, you'll get a 20% discount -- now that's a tactic we wish were more widespread.
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