Lyft Cars To Shave Off Big Fuzzy Mustache, Install Smaller ‘Glowstache’

If the trick in life is to never take yourself too seriously, then Lyft should do fine in the long run, despite being an underdog to Uber. That's because the ride sharing service put itself on the map with furry pink mustaches attached to the front of drivers' cars. Call it a gimmick if you wish, but it worked, though the carstache as you know it is evolving. Meet the latest incarnation called the Glowstache.

"The Glowstache will be debuting in different cities at different times, so stay tuned for news about when it’s coming to you," Lyft stated in a 
blog post. "Craving more Lyft swag? Head to ShopLyft to stock up in the meantime. With the Glowstache’s introduction comes the dawn of a new era. 

"We’ve upped your ’stache game, unfurling the road to your new Lyft experience — and there’s plenty more where this came from."

Lyft Glowstache

There's an interesting article in Wired that traces back the origin and evolution of the Carstache, which came to be in 2010, two years before Lyft launched. Back then, its inventor Ethan Eyler drove around San Francisco with one on his car. Around that time, John Zimmer contacted Eyler to order around twenty of the pink carstaches as gifts for investors for hits ride-sharing startup, Zimride, which would later become Lyft. Now Eyler is part of the Lyft team, serving as the company's brand manager.

The problem is, these types of novelties only last so long. Hence the introduction of the Glowstache, a modern take on Lyft's iconic carstache. Rather than attach to the front of the car -- something that became an annoyance for drivers as it would often fall off or become windblown -- the Glowstache sits on a flexible adhesive pad and can cling to any dashboard.

While Lyft still wants to keep things fun and make people smile, it also wants to send a message with the Glowstache that it's a more mature company, one that's capable of being a major tech company. Whether or not that message gets across remains to be seen. In the meantime, be on the lookout for glowing mustaches headed your way.

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