LucidLogix Brings Multi-GPU Harmony To Intel H67 / Z68 Boards

If there's one name that has been largely associated with "game changing" in the PC gaming world the past couple of years, it's probably LucidLogix. This company has given us hope that one day, our systems can use AMD and NVIDIA GPUs at the same time, and for the same greater good. It's a lovely story of peace, and it's something we hope will be possible on all PCs shortly.

This week, the company's announcing that their Virtu Solution will be licensed out on select Intel desktop boards with H67 and Z68 chipsets. What does that mean? That means that the Virtu GPU virtualization software will be toasted right into various SKUs of genuine Intel boards. If you've not been made familiar with Virtu, it's a software platform that allows the systems to simultaneously take full advantage of both the low-power best-in-class media processing features of the 2nd generation Intel Core processor graphics and the 3D gaming performance of add-in cards with graphics processing units (GPU). Like we said, two different GPUs working in harmony for a greater good.

Until now, once a discrete GPU was attached to a desktop computer, the integrated GPU became inaccessible. Now with Lucid’s Virtu it is possible to run one or two discrete GPUs and still utilize the transcoding performance and lower power of the Intel HD graphics in the 2nd generation Intel Core processor. Intel will make Virtu available in various motherboard SKUs based on the H67 and Z68 chipsets where the Virtu brand will be featured on the board’s packaging for system integrators and end users, but specifics beyond that aren't being talked about just yet.