Look Up and Watch Out for Falling DRAM Prices

If you're thinking about upgrading your RAM or purchasing a pre-built PC on a strict budget, just hang tight for a New York minute. According to reports, DRAM inventory is on the rise, and that could translate into cheaper memory kits or prebuilt PCs with more RAM in the not too distant future.

A weak PC market combined with the impending release of Windows 8 has led to a slowdown in PC sales, leaving OEMs with a stockpile of DRAM. In fact, bulk OEMs are now reportedly sitting on two to three months of DRAM inventory, compared to four to six weeks previously.

DDR3 Memory

With that being the case, memory prices are likely to fall towards the end of the third quarter, and perhaps into the fourth. By the end of August, some are predicting that DRAM contract prices will dip as much as 10 percent, and that's just the beginning.

Lower contract prices have a tendency to trickle into the consumer sector in the form of cheaper memory kits and/or free upgrades to larger capacities when spec'ing out an OEM build. Don't expect any dramatic savings as the result of all this, as memory prices are dirt chip as it is, but if every dollar counts, keep your eyes peeled for upcoming deals.
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