LogMeIn Discontinues Free Access To Its Service As Of Today

As they say, there’s no free lunch--at least anymore, for users of LogMeIn Free. LogMeIn allows users to remotely access their PCs via other machines and mobile devices, and the company is simplifying its offerings by killing off the free version--starting today. If you use LogMeIn Free, you’ll have seven days after your next login to sign up for a paid plan.

LogMeIn says the new paid-only product “will offer what we believe to be the best premium desktop, cloud and mobile access experience available on the market today”. All LogMeIn- and Ignition- branded products will now be under one paid-for umbrella, and features will include remote access to two or more computers, premium Android and iOS apps, and native apps for Macs and PCs. The upgrade kicks everyone up to the former premium remote access level that includes cloud storage integration with popular services, local and cloud file management and transfers, and remote printing.

LogMeIn remote access

LogMeIn is throwing a bone to users of its premium mobile apps, who have already paid good money. The company says that it will be offering those users “significant discounts”; those users will be notified via email and through the products themselves.

LogMeIn iPad app

The changes do not affect users of LogMeInCentral, nor the free versions of Cubby and join.me.