Logitech’s Wireless Keyboard TK820 Includes Multi-Gesture Touchpad

One of the world’s premiere PC mouse makers wants you to ditch your mouse. Logitech’s new Wireless All-in-One Keyboard TK820 has a built-in in touchpad that is meant to completely replace your mouse.

The Logitech Wireless TK820 All-in-One keyboard with touchpad

Keyboard touchpads aren’t new, but the TK820's touchpad is more than a way to move your cursor: it also accepts up to 13 Windows 8 gestures – not to mention the zoom and swipe gestures that you’ve been using on tablets. The keyboard features Logitech’s PerfectStroke technology, which makes for even key depression, even if your finger catches only a portion of the key.

Side view of the TK820 Touchpad Keyboard

It’s an interesting concept, but it seems to us that the audience for this keyboard is limited mainly to people who are really serious about keeping a clean desk – unless the touchpad is really that much easier to use than a mouse. Organized types are bound to like the TK820, however. It’s slim and has an elegant aesthetic, and (of course), it’s wireless, thanks to the 2.4GHz Unifying receiver. The keyboard is available for preorder now; a cleaner desk is yours later this month for $99.