Logitech's Wireless BoomBox, Good Vibrations via Bluetooth

So why on earth didn't more of the major players think of this one a long time ago?  With all these people walking around with Bluetooth-ready music to stream, why not design speaker systems with Bluetooth connectivity as well?  Perhaps I've been living under a rock.  I mean sure, there are a few Bluetooth ready speakers out there from the likes of Bose and Creative but there really aren't that many worth considering, when you think about it.  And who the heck wants to "dock" mechanically?  Uggh...  dude, that's so 90s.

Then, out of nowhere, Logitech pops into my inbox offering up their Wireless Boombox for evaluation here at HH.  I'm thinking, okay, who was the marketing rocket scientist that came up with the naming for this product?  I'm slightly miffed at Creative's weak attempt; now Logitech is stepping up with an 80s retrofit?  God help them.  I'm already cranky.... SURE, send it over.  I'll be gentle, honest.