Logitech’s Logi Circle Cloud Cam Is $199 Airstrike On Dropcam

Logitech just made a splash in the home camera market with the introduction of its Logi Circle, a portable camera that's somewhat similar to Nest's Dropcam. Both cost the same at $200 MSRP, but unlike Dropcam, the Logi Circle is portable and rechargeable, allowing you to take it from room to room for up to three hours of streaming.

It also lasts up to 12 hours in power save mode. Once it runs out of juice, you can place the camera on the included magnetic charging ring. This is a pretty big advantage over Dropcam, which needs to be plugged into a power source, though it lacks the integration with smart products (Dropcam can connect to Nest's Thermostat and Protect devices).

Logi Circle

This is Logitech's first home camera product to date, though certainly not its first webcam device. Early impressions from around the web by those who have tested the device are generally positive, both in terms of the Logi Circle's features and functionality, and image quality.

One thing to note is that Logitech isn't pitching this as a home security device. It's meant for home communication. Using the freely available iOS or Android app, you can stream live HD video with 2-way talk and listen over Wi-Fi, a nifty feature if you're away on a business trip but still want to feel connected to your family.

"There’s a new movement in home monitoring," said Vincent Borel, director of new ventures at Logitech. "The nature of today’s connected world is changing the way people interact with cameras in the home. Video surveillance is no longer just about security, it’s about staying connected with our homes and loved ones. Planned or unplanned, magic moments happen in our homes every day and we designed the Logi Circle as your destination for capturing and discovering them no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Now you can watch your kids playing or catch your dog chasing its tail even if you’re running errands, traveling for business or at the office."

The Logi Circle is available now to pre-order. Shipments will begin next month.