Logitech's G110 Gaming Keyboard Lights Up Your Life

Look out, folks--we've got a feeling that a new stream of new Logitech gear has just begun flowing, with the MK605 notebook bundle hitting earlier this week and now the G110 gaming keyboard. The oddly named successor to the G11 is a straightforward 'board, but clearly the extras are aimed at those who spend more time fragging than typing emails to grandma. Oh, and shame on you for that!

Anyways, the QWERTY + numeric pad set is graces with customizable backlighting, with an array of blue and red LEDs beneath the keys themselves able to be controled via the Profiler software. Once you've got that installed, your keyboard can be red, blue, or "pretty much any shade of purple you can imagine." Looking for yellow or green? Outta luck, partner.  You'll also get a dozen programmable "G-keys" and a trifecta of "M-keys," giving you the power to assign up to 36 single keystrokes, multi-key macros, or intricate LUA scripts. And, using the MR key, you can configure macros on the fly.

There's also an auto game detection feature that lets you create separate custom G-key programming profiles for every game you play, and the game mode switch handily disables the Windows and Context Menu keys so you're never accidentally booted from your game. Nice thinking, Logitech! Finally, the built-in audio plugs enable you to jack your headset right into the keyboard, and the integrated USB 2.0 hub port supports a mouse or other USB low-power device.

Both Mac and PC software is bundled in, and naturally you'll need a single open USB port to have this one plugged in; it'll retail for $79.99 and should ship to North America starting in late November, and in Europe in January.