Logitech Revives Legendary MX518 Gaming Mouse With Modern Internals

mx518 2
Logitech is taking a second stab at resurrecting its famous MX518 Gaming Mouse. The original debuted back in the middle of the last decade and was praised for its ergonomic design and gaming performance. The company then gave the mouse an internal upgrade and slight exterior refresh with the Optical Gaming Mouse G400 in 2011.

Today, Logitech has announced that it is launching a new MX518 Gaming Mouse. That’s right, it takes the name of progenitor, and once again retains the same basic design. While the shape is instantly familiar, Logitech has upgraded the materials and included what it calls a “Nightfall” color scheme to give the mouse a more modern look.

mx518 4

This newest iteration of the MX518 once again gets upgraded internals – you’ll find a HERO 16K optical sensor (100 to 16,000 DPI), a 32-bit ARM processor and a 1ms report rate. DPI settings can be adjusted on-the-fly with the “+” and “-“ buttons above and below the scroll wheel. The mouse also includes eight programmable buttons along with onboard memory so that you recall your gaming profiles (up to five) even if you shift from computer to computer.

Playing up on its “retro” theme, the MX518 remains a corded mouse, and includes a 7-foot-long USB cable.

Logitech is currently offering up the MX518 Gaming Mouse for the price of $59.99. If you don’t mind a cord getting in the way, this could be a good “vehicle” for a trip down memory lane. Although we must say, we wish that Logitech would simply make the same mouse with a wireless option; that would truly bridge the gap between yesteryear and today.