Logitech Pumps Up $130 G410 Atlas Spectrum TKL Mechanical Keyboard With RGB Lighting And Romer-G Switches

Do you feel like your keyboard isn’t gamer-friendly? Logitech just released the G410 Atlas Spectrum, a keyboard designed so entirely for gamers that it probably won’t appeal to anyone (including gamers) for typical use. The keyboard lacks a number pad and has an unusually-shaped, gamer-centric wrist wrest that might make long typing sessions difficult. But when it comes to gaming, the keyboard looks well-equipped.

Keyboard keys have received a ton of attention in recent years as gamers have begun favoring mechanical keys for the better keystrokes. There are multiple types of mechanical keys and (for some gamers, at least), the differences among them matter. So, whether the $129.99 G410 is right for you may well come down to the Romer-G mechanical switches that control the  keystrokes.

updated logitech G410

Romer-G keys provide fast keystrokes – as much as 25 percent faster than other keys, according to Logitech. Some gamers love the speed of Romer-G keys, believing that the faster keystrokes give the gamers an edge. Others find Romer-G to have a squishy feel, as opposed to the firmer feel of typical mechanical switches, like the popular Cherry MX series.

The Atlas Spectrum also features RGB lighting, which makes for a colorful layout, particularly in a dimly-lit room. You can customize the board so that groups of keys are tied to specific colors, which is handy for games. The W, A, S and D keys, which are the movement keys in most games, have special cutouts that make them stand out, even when your board is sporting multiple colors.

Another interesting feature is the Arx Control dock, which holds your Android or iOS phone. Install the related Arx Control app, and you can view in-game information on your phone while you play.  Whether that’s a worthwhile feature will have a lot to do with the info displayed and your play style. The keyboard really supports any color you want, with a palette capable of 16.8 million colors.

Logitech G410 Atlas Spectrum02

Like the Logitech G310 Atlas Dawn, the Atlas Spectrum is a tenkeyless board, making it lighter and smaller than typical gaming keyboards. It should be easy to tuck in a bag and it weighs only 1.83 pounds, with the six-foot cord. This looks like one of those times when smaller might be better.